How Saniflo Systems work

Published: 04th June 2009
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Many households suffer from inefficient bathroom facilities. Most of the time, houses that were built many years ago find it difficult to keep up the demand that these old bathrooms have from larger families using them more often. This is where Saniflo come in.

Saniflo systems are most valuable for the growing family where additional bathing or showering facilities are needed but more drainage cannot be achieved. For many years Saniflo systems have been used to address this common problem but it was not until recently that they have become much more reliable, efficient and functional than ever before. Therefore Saniflo can make your bathroom work like new with little effort and cost.

Qualified Saniflo fitters will talk you through the benefits for your new bathroom or shower rooms including the correct model for the room and the correct method of installation. It is important to employ a qualified fitter as a saniflo installation should not be carried out by unqualified individuals as in most cases Building Control warrants should be applied for when new rooms are constructed. In some cases, if the units are not installed in accordance with the Saniflo fitting instructions and the Building Control regulations then the saniflo will have to be removed and a completion certificate will not be issued.

The average cost of installing a new Saniflo bathroom or Saniflo showeroom to any property is more than offset by the increase in value to the property. Any estate agent will confirm that the most desirable asset for modern living is additional bathing and showering facilities. Also in a "Can't move, must improve" economy making better use of the space you already have is paramount.

One of the most advantageous factors of Saniflo is that if you are installing a new bathroom or showeroom or just incorporating products from Saniflo into your existing bathroom facilities, accessible furniture which will not be visible, keeping the emphasis on good design and functionality.

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